Renée Menart is a passionate advocate for youth impacted by the legal system. She created “Demetri Makes a Memory Quilt” in collaboration with formerly incarcerated mothers. Their collective insights helped develop key themes, dignified characters, and opportunities for children to heal as they navigate this difficult experience.

Inspired by the author’s career in early childhood literacy and community-based alternatives to incarceration, “Demetri Makes a Memory Quilt” tells the story of a young boy whose mom is in prison. With his family’s help, he embarks on a creative healing journey and feels connected to his mom while she is away.

Community Testimonials

For more insights from the community activists below, check out the book launch panel.

“What I love about the book is that it is so well-written… What is left unsaid allows each person who reads it to insert themselves in it and interpret it in a way that is meaningful.”

– Rebecca Jackson, formerly incarcerated mother

“My children had been wounded by my absence and needed healing. I also was wounded and needed healing, and the only way that could take place was inside our relationship.”

– Watani Stiner, formerly incarcerated father

“I appreciate this book because it’s not the family reuniting or the initial separation. It’s the waiting. It’s the in-between… moments that don’t get media attention.”

– Nancy Juarez, daughter with an incarcerated parent

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